Field Study Centres

CUG Badong Science and Education Base

May 7, 2019  

I. Overview of the Base

Badong Science and Education Base, located in Badong County, covers an area of 4,343㎡ with a floor area of 2,418㎡. Put into use in July, 2018, it is the fourth field study center of CUG.

II. Teaching contents and arrangements

Badong geology field study is a systematic and professional field training activity available to second and third year undergraduate CUG students who have completed the related classroom courses such as introduction to Engineering Geology, Geotechnical Investigation, Slope Engineering, and Prevention and Control Design of Geological Disasters, etc. The aim of this geology field study is to train students’ ability to identify major geological disaster forms, skills of geologic mapping and writing a proposal for geohazard prevention and control, and to help students master the methods of field investigation and compiling reports or maps

(I) Indoor teaching

1. Introduction to regional strata and geological structure

2. Engineering geological and hydrogeological conditions

3. Field mapping methods for geo-hazards

(II) Field teaching route

1. Route of Badong Field Comprehensive Test Site

2. Route of Shijiapo Landslide Prevention Project

3. Route of Shizibao High-cut Slope Protection Project and Hongshibao Landslide Prevention Project

4. Mapping Route for Geological Hazards of Huangtupo Landslide

5. Route of Yanjiang Avenue on the North Bank of Yangtze River

III. Faculty

Prof. YAN Echuan, Email:

Associate Prof.  HU Xiuwen, Email:

Associate Prof. CUI Deshan,


Associate Prof. CAI Jingsen,


IV. Facilities

Badong Science and Education Base has 2 classrooms, 2 student dormitories, 20 three-star guest rooms and 1 canteen, which can accommodate 100 people at the same time.

V. Contact info

Logistics support

Contact: LIU Kaiyu

Tel.: 0717-2868067

Mobile phone: 13545251410

Teaching support

Contact: ZHANG Fan

Tel.: 027-67885009

Mobile phone: 15827200361


VI. Base's Address

No.99, Yanjiang Avenue, Xinling Town, Badong County, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province