Field Study Centres

CUG Zhoukoudian Field Training Base

I. Overview of the Base

Zhoukoudian Field Training Base, adjacent to the renowned Peking Man Site, is located in Zhoukoudian Town, Fangshan District, about 50km southwest of Beijing.

II. Teaching contents and arrangements

Zhoukoudian field geological practice is a comprehensive training in basic geology for CUG sophomores who major in earth sciences and have completed basic geology courses such as petrology, stratigraphy, and tectonics. This training aims to cultivate students’ ability of field geological work through geological survey and mapping practice. The Base has developed a new experimental practice teaching system in combining field training with theoretical teaching and scientific research, which focuses on cultivation of geological thinking, and taps into the abundant geoscience resources of Zhoukoudian area at the same time. Therefore, students can improve their ability of field observation, description, collection and analysis of geological elements related to stratigraphy, mineral petrology and tectonics. Students can also learn the general procedures and implementation of geological work, and the field mapping as well as the compilation of data through the training.

(I) Indoor teaching contents in the Base

1.Geological overview of the area

2.Field record format mapping software

4.Mapping of measured stratigraphic profile and stratigraphic comprehensive histogram

5.Summary and analysis of stratigraphic sequence and facies in practice area

6.Regional geological survey method

7.Production of major geological maps and compilation of reports

(II) Routes of field teaching: Number and the experts

Route 1: Taiping Mountain Exploration Route

Route 2: Observation Route of Middle and Neoproterozoic Strata from Bajiaozhai to Shuanmazhuang

Route 3: Huangyuan Strata Route

Route 4: Chechang Mesozoic Strata Route

Route 5: Measurement Route of Strata in South Slope of Taiping Mountain

Route 6: Fangshan Pluton Route

Route 7: Route of Metamorphic Rocks and Contact Thermal Metamorphic Rocks in Yangshigou District

Route 8: Route of Ductile and Brittle Deformation Structure of Cheqiangshan Rock Mass

Route 9: Huangyuan-Dongshanliang Substratum Structure Observation Route

Route 10: Huangshandian Structure-Stratum Observation Route

Route 11: Geological and Tourism Geology Investigation Route in Shidu District

Route 12: Teaching Investigation Route of the Northern Slope of Taiping Mountain

Route 13: Exploration Route of Shandingmiao Mapping Area

III. Teachers

Associate Prof. WANG Guoqing, Deputy Head of the Base,

Prof. CHEN Nengsong, Academic Director, Email:

Associate Prof. LIU Demin, Deputy Head of the Base, Email:

IV. Facilities

Zhoukoudian Base has 79 student dormitories, 24 teachers’ dormitories, 8 multimedia classrooms and 2 canteens, which can accommodate 500 teachers and students at the same time.

The base has complete set of teaching facilities:1. An exhibition room with about 400 samples of typical rock, minerals, and paleontological specimens, and a set of electronic sand table for teaching regional geological overview; 2. A rock slice preparation room and a microscope laboratory for students analyzing typical petrogenesis; 3. 120 sets of laptops, 200 palmtops, a rack server and a graphics workstation for field digital mapping; 4. Full coverage of 100m wireless network which is suitable for online and offline learning.

V. Contact info

Logistics support

Contact: Liu Kaiyu

Tel.: 0717-2868067

Mobile phone: 13545251410

Teaching support

Contact: Zhang Fan

Tel.: 027-67885009

Mobile phone: 15827200361


VI. Address

Zhousheng Road, Zhoukoudian Town, Fangshan District, Beijing