International Cooperation & Exchanges

CUG is a national key university affiliated with the Ministry of Education. As one of the “211 project” universities and one of the “double first-class” universities, CUG has established broad international collaborative relationships with more than 200 universities and academic institutions in over 100 countries and regions. Each year, more than 500 foreign experts and scholars are invited to CUG for academic research and lectures. At the same time, more than 600 CUG scholars go abroad. Around 1500 Chinese and international students participate in CUG exchange programs every year. Through these opportunities of international interaction, CUG fosters an international atmosphere on campus and provides the faculty and students with global perspectives.

CUG has been committed to its goal of “Building a World-Renowned Research University in Earth Sciences”. We expect to enhance international cooperation on discipline building, scientific research constructing and talents fostering. Apart from that, CUG is interested in establishing joint scientific platforms with international partners. CUG welcomes scholars and students from all around the world.


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