Field Study Centres

CUG Beidaihe Field Training Base

I. Overview of the Base

CUG Beidaihe Field Training Base is located in Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, which is a famous summer resort in China. The base is about 400 meters from Shandong Fort Beach, with an area of 27,231㎡ and a floor area of 15,000㎡, including teaching buildings, dormitories (with 1,000 beds) , canteens, supermarkets, bathrooms and logistics service facilities. Each summer, thousands of students from CUG Beijing campus and Wuhan campus come here for field training. At the same time, the base is also open to other universities and tourists.

II. Teaching contents and arrangements

The main content of Beidaihe practice teaching is to observe natural phenomena such as intrinsic dynamics, extrinsic dynamics, mineral resources and humanistic environment developed in Qinhuangdao area under the guidance of teachers, and to analyze the process of geological function, and summarize the causes of geological phenomena.

Teaching routes :

Route 1: Mobilization meeting, Introduction to Use of Compass and Field Record Format

Route 2: Modern Weathering Crust Route from Shandong Fort Beach to Yanshan University

Route 3: Xinhekou to Geziwo Route

Route 4: Laohushi Route

Route 5: Liangjia Mountain to Shaguodian Route

Route 6: Shimenzhai Route

Route 7: Volcanics and River Landform of Shangzhuangtuo

Route 8: Jiguan Mountain Route

Route 9: Yansai Lake Route

III. Teachers

Associate Prof. ZHU Zongmin,Practice Team Leader,

Lecturer CHEN Lin, Deputy Practice Team Leader,;

Prof. GONG Yiming, Academic Director, Email:;

IV. Facilities

The Base has rooms for teaching and research with floor area nearly 5000m2, including 2 multimedia classrooms, 8 classrooms, 2 computer classrooms, and 1 geological exhibition room. The base also has a plastic football field and two basketball courts. The logistics service facilities are well-equipped enough to accommodate 1,000 sets of beds.

V. Contact info

Logistics support

Contact: LIU Kaiyu

Tel.: 0717-2868067

Mobile phone: 13545251410

Teaching support

Contact: ZHANG Fan

Tel.: 027-67885009

Mobile phone: 15827200361


VI. Address

No.341-4, West Section of Hebei Avenue, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province