China University of Geosciences (CUG), located on the bank of East Lake in Wuhan, is a national key university affiliated with the Ministry of Education.

CUG Reviews and Approves Strategic Plan of Building a Research University

CUG reviewed and approved Strategic Plan of Building a World-Renowned Research University in Earth Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Plan) at a meeting led by HUANG Xiaomei, Secretary of the Party Committee of CUG, on December 25 of 2019.

Themed on “A Beautiful China & A Habitable Earth”, the Plan depicts the blueprint of the second goal of the “three-steps trategic goals”, which is to build a world-renowned research university in Earth Sciences by 2030 based on the attained goal of developing CUG into a“high-level university with first-class Earth Sciences and coordinated development of multi-disciplines”.

According to the Plan, our education missions are: Remaining true to CUG’s corevalue of “seeking harmonious development between man and nature”, we are committed to cultivating innovative talents who have lofty morality, solid foundation, and profound expertise, and who pursue the unity of knowing and doing. We should provide personnel support, and endeavor to innovate, apply and spread knowledge in order to provide theories, technologies and approaches for the construction of a Beautiful China and a Habitable Earth.We should strive to optimize governance, reform culture, and fully invigorate the vitality of running a university. We should provide our service to the construction of an innovative country and to the promotion of a harmonious co-existence between man and nature. We should provide our service to the people and the governance of China. We should provide our service to the consolidation and development of the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We should provide our service to the reform and opening up and to the construction of the socialist modernization.

According to the Plan, our endeavoring goals are: By 2030, we will have built a world-renowned research university in Earth Sciences, whose main indexes will have reached or nearly reached the level of other world-class universities. To upgrade CUG into a world-class university, we will endeavor to make the discipline of Earth Sciences rank top in the world and forge boldly ahead in competition to improve the quality of other disciplines of CUG. We will assemble a contingent of teachers and researchers with international competitiveness and influences to build a university with Chinese characteristics and superiority. We will build a world-class university that will be fully engaged in international exchange and cooperation and that will achieve educational, academic, cultural, and administrative excellence.

The Plan specifies the guiding principles and five strategic focuses of building a research university in Earth Sciences: educational innovation and talent cultivation, academic innovation and societal engagement, global vision and international cooperation, cultural innovation and value guidance, governance reform and administrative innovation. Based on the common laws of the development of research universities at home and abroad, the Plan puts forward the key performance indexes and emphasizes that we should strengthen resource guarantee and enhance the planning implementation to achieve our strategic goals for 2030.

The Plan is a major decision made by the 12th congress of the Party of CUG and the first strategic plan of medium- and long-term development in CUG’s history, which is of great significance to the development of CUG. To this end, the Party Committee of CUG established a leading group and a formulation team. The leading group consisted of the secretary and the president as the group leaders, all other university leaders as the deputies, and main directors of relevant offices as the group members. They worked on the strategic and top-level design of establishing a research university with strategies, foresight, systematicness, and openness. For drawing on collective wisdom and absorbing all useful ideas, the formulation team listened to the views of CUG members through various channels including the teachers’ congress, academic committee, forums of teachers and students, and emails during the formulation of the Plan. The formulation team also held information sessions to obtain expert advice from the members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the field of Earth Sciences and experts in the field of higher education, and official advice from the government departments like the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. All of the advice laid a good foundation for the scientific content of the Plan.

Guided by the Plan, we, deeply rooted in China, will overcome countless hurdles and difficulties, and forge ahead to cultivate talents for the CPC and our country. We will continue to pursue excellence in academic studies to promote harmonious development between man and nature. We expect mutual learning with globally best universities in Earth Sciences, scientific research institutions, industrial organizations and other institutions and aspire to make innovation through collaboration with them. We aspire to jointly shoulder responsibilities and make great achievements with those of insight who are committed to promoting a harmonious co-existence between man and nature. We also look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation with people from all sectors of society so as to jointly build a Beautiful China and a Habitable Earth.

For the full text of Strategic Plan of Building a World-Renowned Research University in Earth Sciences, please read the PDF file         Strategic Plan of Building a World-Renowned Research University in Earth Sciences.pdf.

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