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Introduction to the “Story of China” Lecture Series

Apr 3, 2019  

“Story of China” Lecture Series is established as a brand activity of China University of Geosciences. It is a nice try for CUG to spread good stories of China and to speak to the world. CUG is devoted to the edition of good stories of China and proposes a goal of “editing a book of good stories of China, finding a good way to tell stories of China and making a good example of international education” in order to train international talents who knows China well and cherish the friendship with China.

Through optimizing and recombining the high-quality teaching and social resources that CUG boosts, the “Story of China” Lecture Series tries to revise and upgrade the structure of the existed Chinese traditional culture courses, “Experience China” Social Fieldwork Activities, the professional fieldtrip activities in Zigui, the university-company joint programs and the student social and charity activities such as “Dialogue with International Students”, etc, all of which is aimed at creating a real, vivid, systematic and all-dimensional book of stories that are happening in China. The international students are not only the witnesses of those stories but also the writers and storytellers of those happenings.

From June 21st to July 15th, 2018, the activity titled “‘Story of China’ Lecture Series: The Road of the Industrial Civilization Development in Huangshi” was successfully organized by CUG and the bureau of human resources and social affairs of Huangshi. A total of 111 CSC scholarship students have participated in this activity and they are from 27 different “Belt and Road” countries including Bulgaria, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam and Pakistan, etc.

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