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“Bosom Friends·Humanitarian Blends”

Apr 3, 2019  

“Bosom Friends·Humanitarian Blends”, the 2nd Hubei Province Chinese Calligraphy, Painting and Seal-cutting Artworks Exhibition for University Overseas Students aims to respond to the “Belt and Road” Initiative, deepen the intercultural communication among all countries around the world, carry forward splendid Chinese traditional culture and promote the intensional development of overseas students education. Through the artworks collection for half a year, 210 calligraphy, painting and seal-cutting works have been received, which are from 21 universities and units. Among them, there are 179 pieces of calligraphy works, 15 pieces of seal-cutting works and 16 pieces of Chinese painting works, including 172 pieces of artworks created by overseas students who come from 42 countries and regions.

Chinese calligraphy epitomizes the unique Chinese culture. The art of calligraphy is a poem without words, a dance without moves, a painting without sketches and a song without sounds. Seal-cutting, the integration of practicability and artistry, presents a magnificent vision from several characters inscribed in a narrow square of place. Trees, stones, pavilions and terraces in Chinese paintings are all firmly rooted in the fertile Chinese civilization, becoming gems and treasures of Chinese national arts. All those arts are strong attraction for overseas students. We take the exhibition as a great opportunity to strive for interrelating people across long distance, spreading the oriental exoticism, establishing mental self-identification and achieving cultural reconciliation. International students who learn and study Chinese calligraphy, painting and seal-cutting can appreciate historical heritages and experience traditional cultures, explore multidimensional visions and generate cultural potentials, bridge cultural gaps and reconcile diversified cultures.

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