Post Office

The post service office at CUG has the following duties: 1. to send and receive newspapers, letters, magazines, express, remittance, registered mail and other letters; 2. to manage the subscription of newspapers and magazines; 3. to arrange mailboxes for affiliated schools, departments and students' classes; 4. to provide internal office telephone number inquiry and maintenance.

Post Office address: 2nd Floor, Express Center (next to Postal Savings Bank of China) near Nanwang Villa, China University of Geosciences

Tel.: 67883798 (Post Office) 67883796 (Maintenance and Inquiry)

Business hours: 08:00-12:00,14:00-17:00 (Winter)

08:00-12:00,14:30-17:30 (Summer)

08:00—12:00 (Holidays)