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Hangzhou Asian Games Champion Students Back to CUG

Nov 1, 2023  

Seven CUG students and alumni earned 6 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. HE Jie, YAN Zibei, and SUN Jiajun came back to CUG and had a conversation with the representatives of teachers and students.

“I’m more than happy to hear that you won gold medals at the Hangzhou Asian Games.Our students even won more gold medals than that of some countries,” said HUANG Xiaomei, Secretary of the Party Committee of CUG. CUG is known for excellence in sports in its history. Since the 1950s, CUG members have achieved outstanding results in all kinds and levels of sports events. CUG is proud of its athletes, and their honors are displayed in the History Museum of CUG. HUANG expressed the hope that more students can take a leaf out of their book and honor CUG’s tradition of sports.

CUG President WANG Yanxin offered his congratulations to the champions. He said that CUG will always support them in studies and training so that they can stay fully concentrated on the field and continue to win glory for the country as well as for CUG.

LI Jianwei, Vice President of CUG, said, he feels the spirit of pursuing excellence, pushing themselves, and breaking through boundaries on them. He expected them to keep making breakthroughs in their future life and to inspire more CUG members.

“I choose to come back here during my short break. Take some classes, and accumulate strength for next Olympics.” HE Jie said excitedly. He is a undergraduate student from the School of Sports Science and Physical Education. At the Hangzhou Asian Games, he crossed the line first in 2 hours 13 minutes 2 seconds in men’s marathon, earning China’s first-ever men’s marathon gold.

“I feel proud all the time, because CUG matters a lot to me.” YAN Zibei is a master’s student from the School of Sports Science and Physical Education. He won men’s 4×100m medley relay and mixed 4×100m medley relay, and he took silver in the men’s 100m breaststroke. YAN still remembers that he broke two records representing CUG in the 13th National Students Sports Games in 2017. “I’m going to prepare for the Paris Olympics 2024. I will always remember I’m a CUG member and try to reach new heights.”

“It was my long-time goal to win a gold medal in the Asian Games. I’ll do better in the following training and competitions and bring home more honors.” SUN Jiajun is a first-year master’s student from the School of Sports Science and Physical Education. He won a gold medal in men’s 4×100m medley relay and a silver medal in the men’s 50m breaststroke.

All the inspired attendees hoped that the athletes will continue being role models and inspiring CUG members to achieve more.

HE Jie shared his growing from an ordinary long distance running enthusiast to an Asian Games champion at the School of Sports Science and Physical Education on October 25.

(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)

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