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Hello, Incoming Students of 2021

Sep 9, 2021

Welcome new hosts of the Nanwang Mountain and Future City!

Over 9,000 incoming first-years arrived on campus and began their CUG journey on September 3, and the fresh faces vitalized the campus. We welcome you! From your move-in day on, you are and will always be members of the CUG community.

The new students, accompanied by families or friends, or all alone, traveled long or short distances to reach CUG.

YAN Liangyu, a freshman from the School of Engineering, decided to major in geological engineering because of his father. His father YAN Tingzhou graduated from the School of Engineering in 1998, and Liangyu has been interested in geological engineering since childhood under his father’s influence. Moreover, his grandfather also worked in hydrological geology.

QI Xuan and WANG Hongyang, freshmen of atmospheric sciencesat School of Environmental Studies, used to be classmates in junior and senior high schools. They both topped in physics in their class and even formed a band together in high school. They hadn’t discussed during the college application, and not until they got the admissions did they know they applied for the same major of the same school at the same university. On top of that, they live in the same dormitory. “What a coincidence! We can study together again and start a new band.”

WANG Le, a freshman from the School of Earth Sciences, chose CUG because of his joyful experience during the 2018 CUG Summer Camp. In 2019, he won a gold medal in the International Earth Science Olympiad-China Division. Now, he comes to CUG as he expected and will write more wonderful stories in the world of earth science.

WANG Shaoran, born in March of 2000, is the youngest first-year doctoral student of 2021. He was admitted to CUG in 2017 and got offers from some prestigious universities abroad after graduation. Finally, he chose the consecutive master/doctoral degree program offered by the School of Automation in order to work with his supervisor on his passion for rehabilitation robotics.

CUI Jifan, from Anhui province, is a freshman from the School of Automation. He started to love taking apart and reassembling electronic and mechanical gadgets when he was a child. To learn automation at CUG was his goal in high school.

In the afternoon, CUG leaders HUANG Xiaomei, LAI Xulong, WANG Hua, WANG Linqing, and ZHOU Aiguo greeted incoming students and volunteers in residence halls, on campus, and at the railway stations.

To welcome the new students, 192 faculty and student volunteers awaited at Wuhan’s three railway stations from the early morning, providing disinfection, guidance, seats, and drinking water.More than 100 staff members of the Security Department were scattered on campus, checking ID verifications, maintaining traffic order, and doing security patrols. A total of nearly 2,800 students signed up to be volunteers for Move-in Day 2021, including 350 as guides on campus, 200 as assistants in residence halls, 100 as security assistants, and more than 2,000 as volunteers at Schools.


(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)

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