Program Overview

Mar 12, 2024  

CUG was among the first Chinese universities that open their campuses to international students in the early 1980s. After decades pursuit of becoming a prominent international institution, CUG now boasts an international community of 1,000 strong international faculty members and students. All CUG degree programs are available to international applicants. Plus, CUG also offer the following “non-degree” programs to international students:

1. Short-term Exchange Programs (Academic)

Short-term exchange programs are designed to cater international students’ need to gain international academic experience, to get first-hand experience studying in China, or to cooperate with CUG faculty members or utilize CUG facilities for research purposes. The program could be tailored to meet individual needs.

2. Summer & Winter Camp

CUG is proud to have four training centers around the country. Every year, thousands of students participate in the university’s Earth Science field trips at the training centers. The CUG Summer/Winter camps for international students have been built upon our decades-long successful experience in these field trips; they offer a wide range of courses including Geology Geological Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology, Gemology, Information Technology, etc. There are also Chinese culture and Chinese language courses. The program could also be tailored to meet individual group’s needs.

3. Short-term Internship Programs

Short-term internship programs are experiential learning opportunities lasting from a few weeks to a few months. They offer international students hands-on experience in a particular field or industry, aiming to provide practical insights into a specific career path and allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings.

Short-term Internship Programs could be tailored to meet students’ needs.

4. College Preparatory Program

The program is designed for beginners who plan to enroll in science or engineering majors to have a systematic study of general Chinese, technical Chinese, basic mathematics, physics and chemistry; it will help them to proceed to the degree programs in various subjects at CUG or other Chinese higher education institutions.

5. Chinese Language Program

Chinese Language program at CUG is an 18-week (one semester) program that is carried out year-round. The Spring semester lasts from March to June; the Fall semester lasts from September to January of the next year. Courses offered at the program include:

- Chinese Language Courses: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Comprehensive Chinese;

- Chinese Cultural Courses (Optional): Calligraphy, Paper-Cutting, Seal-Cutting, Taichi, Martial Arts, Chinese Painting, Dragon/Lion Dance, Beijing Opera, Tea Ceremony;

- CUG special Courses: Chinese Tourism and Intangible Cultural heritage, Geology and Geography in China, Multicultural Understanding, and Chinese Culture and History.

CUG also offers HSK test preparing courses.

6. Cultural Exchange Programs

CUG has a long history hosting international “experiencing China” groups. Besides Dragon Dance troupes, business major students, and artists from our partner universities, our guests also include elementary pupils, highschoolers, as well as seniors from Upstate New York Taichi groups.

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