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CUG’s “Super Station” Works with BeiDou Navigation Satellite System in Observing Precursor of Earthquakes

Apr 13, 2022  

Recently, the research team led by Prof. CHEN Jiehong in China University ofGeosciences,Wuhan, published new study associated with pre-earthquake anomalous phenomena in the Journal of Earth and Space Sciences . The results suggest that humanity would get a key to resolving the scientific issues of pre-earth quake anomalous phenomena. The team established a novel monitoring system, which is honored as "Super Station", in Leshan, Sichuan, China, in 2021. The novel system is the first one in the world designed to monitor of vibrations and perturbations in the lithosphere, atmosphere,and ionosphere (MVP-LAI). The MVP-LAI system accompanies with the total electron content (TEC) measurements utilizing the geostationary satellites operated by the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System that find resonant waves residing over epicenters before forthcoming earthquakes.

The BeiDouNavigation Satellite Systemis the only system that comprises geostationary satellites among all the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in the world. Meanwhile, the MVP-LAI system is the first one that can monitor the vibrations and perturbations in the multiple spheres including the lithosphere, atmosphere, and ionosphere in real time. The cooperation of the two systems benefits seeking a series of phenomena before earthquakes. Seismo-phenomena observed by two systems can support the theory of the resonant LAI coupling before earthquakes. The team detected numerous seismo-signals in the lithosphere and ionosphere in May 2021 and retrieved the seismo-resonance signals before the Maduo and Yangbi earthquakes from complex nature. Based on the coupling of multiple geophysical parameters in the spatiotemporal domain, the research results could provide the occurrence time, location and magnitude of the forthcoming earthquakes in the near future. The information of the forthcoming earthquakes would be released certain days before the occurrence for further disaster prevention and mitigation.

Earthquakes are devastative geological disasters endangering the people's lives and property safety. Furthermore, earthquake prediction is an extremely complex issue bothering people for a long time. In 2021, Science proposed 125 major scientific problems that include “Will we be able to predict catastrophic weather events (tsunami, hurricanes, earthquakes) more accurately.”

Based on the introduction from Prof. CHEN Jiehong, the air and plasma are fluid. Phenomena in the atmosphere are generally a function of location and time. If the phenomena residence in an area over a particular place on the Earth, they probably come from the lithosphere of the Earth. Meanwhile, they should be driven by forthcoming earthquakes. The related researches from the team found a piece of picture puzzles for resolving the major issue of pre-earthquake anomalous phenomena.

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