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“70th Anniversary of CUG Special Issues” Calls for Papers

Oct 13, 2021  

Distinguished Alumni, Dear All,

As the country embarks on a new journey to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way, it will also be a new starting point for the China University of Geosciences (CUG), which will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2022. Having been developing together with China, the 70-year journey for CUG was never smooth. Trials and hardships abounded. It boasts a history of 70 years of entrepreneurship, striving, innovation, and reforms. For 70 years, CUG has always carried forward the spirits of “hardworking and plain-living, realistic and pragmatic” from generation to generation. For 70 years, the outstanding talents of CUG researchers and students have held lofty morality, solid foundation, and profound expertise, who pursue the unity of knowing and doing, and continue to forge ahead for a brighter future.

On this special occasion, which marks the 70th Anniversary of CUG, the Journal of Earth Science (JES) in collaboration with another six academic journals operated by CUG (, will jointly organize the 70th Anniversary of CUG Special Issues series (to be published from September to December 2022). It is expected to cover high-quality research by CUG alumni, and thus highlighting the innovative achievements in the field of Earth Sciences. It is also expected to showcase recent the academic developments and collaborations.

Being inspired and impressed with your profound expertise and rich accomplishments in geology and relevant areas, on behalf of CUG, we officially invite you to submit an academic paper (no APC) for the JES 70th Anniversary of CUG Special Issues series.To mark the grand event,we call for original research reports and reviews on recent advances in the field of Earth Sciences.We are looking forward to you joining us in this joyous celebration despite your tight schedule. Your contribution to the special issue would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Editor-in-Chief for Special Issues:

Huang Xiaomei, Wang Yanxin   China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Oct 9th, 2021

Please refer to journal introductions: submission-guidelines

The Journal of Earth Science (JES) was founded in 1990 andhas been listed with a Science Citation Index (SCI) since 2007. The electronic version of JES is published in cooperation with the international publisher Springer. For consecutive years, JES has been awarded The Highest International Impact Academic Journals of China, and in 2019 was acknowledged as a Key Project of Action Program for Excellence in Science and Technology Journals of China. Since 1990, JES has had the aim to be a first-class academic journal in Earth Sciences and according to the second quarter of 2020 Journal Citation Reports (JCR), the impact factor of JES is 2.907.

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