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Lantern Show Lights Up Preface of Spring Harmony on Future City Campus of CUG

Apr 3, 2024  

A lantern fair was held at CUG’s Future City Campus on the night of March 30, where over 1,500 original handcrafted lanterns illuminated the campus. Nearly ten thousand teachers and students gathered to appreciate the lanterns, stroll through the gardens, and engage in poetic exchanges, immersing themselves in the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

In the packed open-air theater, music shows and themed performances took turns on stage from 7 pm. The lingering Chinese-style songs told tales of fondness for the spring season. A variety of performances, including dances, Hanfu fashion shows, traditional Chinese music performances, and poetry recitations, blossomed like a profusion of flowers, weaving together the beauty of traditional culture and the dreams of spring into a flowing tapestry.

As night fell,the bustling lantern-lit street was filled with laughter and cheerful conversation. Calligraphy pieces intermingled with series such as freehand brushwork of landscapes, geological eras, the Twenty-Four Solar Terms, and the culture of China’s ethnic minorities. The lanterns shined in harmony, adorning the campus with flowing light and color.

“This time, we divided the lantern street into three sections, and we hope every CUG student will grow from “bud’ ’to “bloom” like flowers do. We wish to brighten up the youth of our fellow students by lighting up the campus with the lanterns,” said LI Zhe, the person in charge of CUG’s student societies, referring to the design concept.

In the newly introduced “Hanfu Parade” segment, over 50 volunteers recruited from all the students, faculty, and staff were dressed in exquisite Hanfu (tranditional clothing of the Chinese Han majority) with lanterns in their hands as they elegantly strolled in, instantly igniting the passion of the audience. “This is a stunning journey through time. As a unique cultural heritage, Hanfu culture has gradually become better understood and appreciated among the public,” shared DAI Yaqi, a devoted enthusiast of Hanfu.

Over 20 student societies prepared spring-themed activities that brimmed with fun and immersive experiences: Chinese-style garden tours, Touhu (arrow-throwing into a vase), egg balancing, Feihualing (people take turns reciting poems containing the same Chinese character as the keyword), calligraphy, seal carving, traditional Chinese painting, plant rubbing, Guqin (the Chinese zither that has existed for over 3,000 years) playing, chess challenges, etc.

CUG has held 8 lantern fairs since 2016, and this is the first one held on the Future City Campus. Throughout a period of more than 40 days, over 2,000 individuals from 24 schools and departments created over 1,500 lanterns, 12 performances, and 20-plus scenic spots within the campus, allowing students to immerse themselves in an experience that highlighted the allure of Chinese traditional culture.

(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)

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