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CUG Project Funded by NSFC Original Exploratory Program for First Time

Feb 8, 2023  

According to the announcement of the Department of Earth Sciences, Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), a CUG project led by Prof. WANG Shaoqiang will be funded by the Original Exploratory Program. This is the first time that CUG has received funding from the Program, which will motivate CUG researchers to engage in original basic research.

Prof. WANG observes the flux in the forest ecosystem on Dabie Mountains

The project will develop a new generation of vegetation photosynthesis and transpiration models by applying various modeling approaches to the synergistic observation of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) and the flux of atmospheric trace gas carbonyl sulfur (COS), and the flux of CO2 in subtropical evergreen forests.

In order to further guide and motivate researchers to engage in original basic research and boost major breakthroughs in prospective basic research and cutting-edge original work, NSFC set up Original Exploratory Program in 2020, which has introduced new project selection mechanism and created a good atmosphere conducive to originality.

(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)

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