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Special Fund for Research on National Major Research Instruments

May 8, 2019  

1.Program   Development of hydrothermal large-cavity high-temperature-pressure device combined with synchrotron radiation X-ray spectroscopy

Members   Xiang Wu


Hydrothermal ore deposits are of great economic value, and great significance for national resource security and strategy. Understanding of the process of water rock reaction, the mechanism of element migration and deposition is the key to reveal the metallogenic mechanism of hydrothermal deposits. However it is relatively weak in the high-temperature and high-pressure apparatus combined with in-situ simulation technologies for simulating hydrothermal mineralization process in our country. Based on X-ray characterization techniques (X-ray absorption spectroscopy-XAS, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy-XRF and infrared spectroscopy-IR) of the dynamics beamline and the hard X-ray general-purpose spectroscopy beamline which are being constructed in Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, a multifunctional hydrothermal high-temperature and high-pressure apparatus with a large sample chamber will be developed. We will use this device to simulate the fluid-rock interaction, the evolution process of metallogenic elements in geological fluids at high-temperature and high pressure conditions, in order to obtain the intrinsically essential relationship between the occurrence forms of metallogenic elements and the properties of geological fluids. The results will provide more constrained evidences from high-temperature-pressure experimental geochemistry to reveal the metallogenic mechanism of hydrothermal ore deposits, such as copper, gold and REE. The innovativeness of this device are: (1) achieving compatibility of a variety of in-situ characterization techniques, such as XAS, XRF, IR, pH and fO2; (2) novel sealing technique of conical sleeve and high-precision pressure control technique. The device not only is of great significance to promote the domestic technologies and devices for simulation metallogenic experiments to enter the advanced ranks of the world, but also of important application value for the research of fluid in the fields of environmental science, physical chemistry, material science and so on.

2.Program   Developmement of Monitoring Equipment of Multi-Field Parameters in Whole-Profile for Landslide Evolution

Members   Huiming Tang


Landslides disasters formed and developed as a result of multi-field evolution. The project focused on the “landslides multi-field evolution and the destructive mechanism”, and proposed the theory of monitoring the landslide evolution process. Sets of automatic monitoring instruments would be developed for monitoring the characteristic parameter of multi-field information for arbitrary position. Monitoring scale covered: arbitrary geologic section in space, jointed displacement monitoring of horizontal and vertical direction, and continuous monitoring with great deformation, to establish a brand-new synthetic monitoring system. Instruments mainly include the vertical multi-parameter monitor and coupled horizontal displacement tracker. Three key techniques would be concentrated, respectively bearing great deformation with vertical multi-parameter monitor, laying sensors in and out the vertical borehole, and inertial measurement of horizontal displacement. Therefore, a brand-new landslide monitoring technique would be realized, including monitoring horizontal and vertical deformation, deep-seated soil pressure, deep-seated soil water content, underground water level, dynamic water pressure, flow velocity and flow direction, which would be a multi-parameter assembled landslide monitoring technique. The developed instruments had achieved intellectual property rights, with convenience on the installation, operation and maintenance. Meanwhile, all performance indexes met the requirements for in-situ monitoring, and therefore, based on the evolution process, it would provide significant technical support for landslides forecast and control.

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