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State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes and Mineral Resources

May 8, 2019  

State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes and Mineral Resources

The overall objectives of GPMR are to assist in locating mineral resources that are crucial for national economic growth, to encourage socially sustainable resource development and to provide guidelines for exploration and safety in the mineral resources sector. Our goal is to meet these objectives through innovative scientific and technological research at an advanced international level.  To achieve this goal, we have brought together outstanding scientists in the field of mineral resources to ensure that GPMR has the ability to provide theoretical and practical scientific consultation for strategic resource planning, as well as identification, evaluation and development of large-superlarge mineral deposits.

GPMR focuses on key metallogenic areas such as the North China Craton, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the Sanjiang tectonic zone, the Gangdise copper metallogenic belt and the central Asian orogenic belt. Its research programs focus on five main areas: (1) Lithospheric composition, structure and evolution, as well as the geological background of mineral resources; (2) Dynamic interaction of lithosphere and metallogenesis; (3) Distribution of metallogenic systems and mineral resources; (4) Prospecting and evaluation of mineral resources; (5) Exploration technology for the lithosphere and mineral resources.

GPMR currently has 47 full-time staff scientists, including members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chief Scientists of important programs, Distinguished Young Scholars and Highly Cited Researchers. We have established a National Innovation Research Group for Crust-Mantle Interaction Dynamics (NSFC), 3 innovation teams (MOE) and 2 University Discipline Innovation and Talent Recruitment Bases (MOE).

Members of GPMR have acted as Principal Investigators of various national research projects, research group and key research programs. In the past five years, members of GPMR have published nearly 600 papers in highly ranked journals and have received numerous national awards.

Members of GPMR are active in the international scientific community, serving as officers of international organizations and editors of international academic journals. More than 500 scholars from over 40 domestic and overseas scientific research institutes, universities and public institutions have visited the GPMR for collaborative research.  GPMR has also hosted a number of international meetings and workshops on metallogeny, geodynamics and research technology.  The laboratory has also established large-scale instrument and equipment resource sharing platforms for research on deep earth materials, micro-geochemical analytical techniques and three-dimensional virtual simulation experiments. The excellent quality of our analytic facilities has been demonstrated in blind sample testing for six consecutive years.

High-quality analysis data is the basis for the important progress of scientific research, which is also the prerequisite for participating in international science and technology competition and a manifestation of the basic parameters of the laboratory level.

The analysis and test of trace elements of the Laboratory has risen in the ranks of world's top labs. The LA-ICP-MS sub-lab has participated in the GeoPT international demonstration and blind sample testing for six consecutive years, and the results are among the best.


State Key Lab of Geological Processesand Mineral Resources

China University of Geosciences

Wuhan 430074, P.R.China

Telephone: 86 27 6788 5096

Facsimile: 86 27 67885096


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