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How to protect yourself from NCP at work? (Part 1)

Feb 27, 2020  

1. Before going out:

(1) Check your body temperature;

(2) Assess your health condition;

(3) Pack enough face masks and disinfecting wipes for a whole day.

2. On the way to work:

(1) Walk, cycle or drive a car to work if possible;

(2) When taking a public transport, be sure to wear a mask and avoid touching any items on the transport;

(3) When taking a taxi or using an online car hailing service, open the car door before getting in for better ventilation. Wear a mask and remind your driver to wear one.

3. In the elevator:

(1) Wear a mask and push the buttons with a tissue;

(2) Do not rub the eyes or face with your hands;

(3) Do not talk with each other and wash your hands immediately after taking the elevator;

(4) Use the stairs if you live at a low floor but avoid touching the handrail.

4. In the office:

(1) Keep the mask on even inside the office;

(2) Ventilate the room for 20 to 30 minutes three times a day and be careful of catching a cold;

(3) Use a tissue to cover up when you cough or sneeze;

(4) Minimize the use of central air conditioners.


(Source: Hubei Provincial Foreign Affairs Office)

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