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How to protect yourself from COVID-19 at work? (Part 2)

Feb 27, 2020  

1. At work:

(1) Communicate online as much as possible while reducing face-to-face interactions;

(2) Stay at least one meter away from each other;

(3) Wash hands frequently, including before and after passing around documents;

(4) Drink plenty of water, no less than 1500 ml a day;

(5) Reduce the number of meetings and keep them short.

2. At meals:

(1) Try to bring homemade food;

(2) Avoid crowds when dining at canteens or restaurants;

(3) Keep your mask on before eating;

(4) Do not sit opposite to each other and try not to talk while eating.

3. Off work:

(1) No dining with friends and no parties;

(2) Wash hands, put on a mask, and go straight home.

4. Back home:

(1) Wash your hands and then open windows for ventilation;

(2) Put coats, shoes, and bags in corners of a particular room, and wash them promptly;

(3) Disinfect mobile phones and keys;

(4) Drink plenty of water, do exercise and have a good rest.

5. People working in high-risk professions such as public sanitation, bus driving, security and express delivery should be more careful as they are exposed to frequent contacts with a large number of people.

(1) Immediately replace the mask once it becomes moist and soiled;

(2) Wash your hands frequently and take your temperature at least twice a day;

(3) Wear protective suits or face shields only when necessary.


(Source: Hubei Provincial Foreign Affairs Office)

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