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Nine CUG Researchers Selected in the “2018 Chinese Most Highly Cited Researchers”

May 28, 2019  

On January 17, 2019, Elsevier officially released the result of the “2018 Chinese Most Highly Cited Researchers”, on which nine CUG researchers were listed. Seven professors were selected in the field of Earth and Planetary Science and two professors selected in the field of Control and Systems Engineering. They are LIU Yongsheng, Timothy Kusky, ZHENG Jianping, WU Yuanbao, XIE Shucheng, and ZHANG Hongfei from School of Earth Sciences, JIANG Shaoyong from School of Earth Resources, as well as HE Yong and WU Min from the School of Automation.
The list of “2018 Chinese Most Highly Cited Researchers” adopted the methods and standards developed by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy which made a systematic analysis of the influence of Chinese researchers based on objective citation data. Meanwhile, the SCOPUS database from Elsevier provides the data and technology needed for the academic ranking.
A total of 1,899 researchers in 38 disciplines from 229 institutes were listed on the “2018 Chinese Most Highly Cited Researchers”. 75 researchers from 18 universities and 4 institutes in the Earth and Planetary Science field, and 39 researchers from 25 universities and 1 institute in the Control and Systems engineering field were also on the list.
The nine CUG researchers have been selected for five consecutive years.
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