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Welcome New Students to CUG

Sep 18, 2020  

Over 9,000 new students arrived at CUG on September 12 and 13, among whom there are 4,799 undergraduate students, 4,342 graduate students, and 119 international graduate students.

To welcome the new students, CUG teachers in blue T-shirts waited for them in the railway stations on the early morning of September 12. With the posters and signs, new students and their parents could easily find the right place. CUG staff also prepared chairs and mineral water for students and parents to have a rest after trips.

On campus, teachers, senior students, and volunteers provided various services to help new comers move in.

Each school offered new students care packages, souvenirs, and life service manuals.

These new comers, with families, with friends, or by themselves, registered, unpacked in dormitories, enjoyed food, walked around on campus, and made friends. Their life started a new chapter.

The orientation ceremony for graduate students was held on the morning of September 14 where heads of CUG, supervisor representative, and students representatives delivered speeches.


Welcome to your dream university, new students! Let’s set out on new journeys and climb the mountain of life.


(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)

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