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2 CUG Professors and 2 CUG Alumni Elected as Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Nov 27, 2019  

2 CUG professors, WANG Yanxin and CHENG Qiuming, and 2 CUG alumni, PENG Jianbing and XIAO Wenjiao, have been elected as members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

WANG Yanxin

Prof. WANG Yanxin earned his master’s degree (in 1987) and PhD degree (in 1990) at CUG, and has been a faculty member at CUG since 1990. With his main research field of groundwater quality, Prof. WANG has made innovative contributions to the theories and approaches of hydrogeology. His work has had a profound impact on remedies of contaminated groundwater. He has also been a pioneer in testing and applying innovative technologies for removing harmful substances from groundwater.

CHENG Qiuming

Prof. CHENG Qiuming is the director of the State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes and Mineral Resources, CUG. As one of the top theorists in mathematical geosciences and mineral exploration, Prof. CHENG has been acknowledged as an international leader in the application of non-linear mathematics and geoinformatics in geosciences, and his methods have been successfully applied worldwide in mineral exploration.

PENG Jianbing

Prof. PENG Jianbing, a CUG alumnus from Class of 1978, is currently the director of the Key Laboratory of Western China Mineral Resources and Geological Engineering at Chang’an University. He is a leading expert in engineering geology and hazardous geology. He has revealed the dynamic mechanism of deformation and fracture of the loose sediments in the basin and put forward a new viewpoint on the formation of ground fissures which is widely accepted in academia.

XIAO Wenjiao

Prof. XIAO Wenjiao, a CUG alumnus from graduate Class of 1992, is a researcher and a deputy director of the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography of CAS. His primary research interests focus on tectonics and structural geology, geochronology, sedimentology, and dynamics of orogenic belts and metallogeny in association with accretionary orogenesis.

Membership of the CAS is the nation’s highest academic title and a lifelong honor given to scientists who have made significant achievements in various fields.The CAS inducts new members biennially. It made its new members announcement on November 22. This year, it has admitted 64 Chinese nationals and 20 foreign experts, including three Nobel laureates, from 12 countries.

(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)

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