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The 2nd Badong International Geohazards Symposium Held from August 24-25

Aug 30, 2019  

The 2nd Badong International Geohazards Symposium (BIGS) was held in Badong County, Hubei Province, from August 24-25. Over 300 scholars and postgraduate students from over 20 countries like US, Germany, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Bulgaria took part in the symposium.

TANG Huiming, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of CUG, chaired the opening ceremony. He said that CUG achieved a series of high level and innovative research results on the prevention and control of geohazards in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, and constructed a world-leading field observation and research base on the Badong Field Test Site. He believed this symposium would promote further international cooperation and strengthen academic exchanges so as to improve the understanding of the evolutionary mechanism and prevention and control of geohazards.

With the theme of “Prevention and Control of Reservoir Geohazards and Ecological Environmental Protection”, the symposium contained academic speeches, poster presentation, and field trips. The excellent abstracts submitted to this symposium would be selected for organizing a special issue in Engineering Geology. The symposium also set up “Poster Awards” for young postgraduate students.

Prof. Bo-An Jang, vice president of International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment, Prof. Robert E. Criss from Washington University in St. Louis, Prof. Farrokh Nadim from Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Prof. Carlos Carranza-Torres from University of Minnesota, Duluth Campus, Prof. Masahiro Chigira from Kyoto University, and other scholars delivered keynote speeches and invited speeches.

Centered around the topics focusing on “early warning and stability analysis of geohazards”, “monitoring, testing, and prevention of geohazards”, and “risk assessment and trigger mechanism of geohazards”, the scholars exchanged ideas and experiences on issues related to geohazards and ecological environmental protection, showing the latest academic progress.

On the afternoon of August 24 and the morning of August 25, over 300 attendees participated in the field survey along 2 routes, which included CUG Badong Field Test Site, the geomorphology and geological environment of Wu Gorge, and the valley and karst geomorphology in the Shennong River.

The symposium was sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, People's Government of Badong County, and CUG, and organized by Three Gorges Research Center for Geohazards of MOE and CUG.

(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)

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