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​CUG Team Contribute to Nationwide Events in Application of BeiDou

Oct 5, 2020  

The China BDS Applications Forum and the 9th China GNSS & LBS Annual Conference was held from September 22 to 24. The Specialized Committee on BeiDou Resources and Environmental Application, which is affiliated to CUG, won the Outstanding Awards for Specialized Committees on Satellite Navigation and Positioning.

The Specialized Committee on BeiDou Resources and Environmental Application integrates the application of BDS and its location services across industries. The committee also provides technical support and solutions for geological phenomenon research, geohazards monitoring and early warning, mineral resources exploration and mining, and water resource dispatching.

In the 2020 BeiDou Positioning Cross-country Race held by the GNSS &LBS Association of China, CUG teams secured the top three spots.

Over 20 teachers and students of CUG volunteered to help during these events.

Some students from the School of Marine Science, School of Geology and Information Engineering, and School of Computer Science attended the lectures given by some members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. From the lectures, the students learned more about the trends in new technologies and applications in the field of satellite navigation.

The conference, which is the most authoritative regarding BeiDou application, was held in Wuhan for the first time.

(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)

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