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​First Online Oral Defense of International Student’s PhD Dissertation Conducted

May 18, 2020  

Faheem, a Pakistani PhD candidate from the School of Environmental Studies, passed his oral defense remotely on May 12 and became the first international student of CUG to complete online oral defense of his PhD dissertation in 2020.

Faheem has published four SCI papers as the first author in the past three years, demonstrating outstanding learning ability and research potential. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Faheem completed his dissertation on time under the remote guidance of his supervisors in China. Moreover, CUG has provided timely and effective procedures for its faculty and students to conduct oral defenses remotely because of concerns for health and safety.

Faheem is defending his dissertation remotely at home in Pakistan

A screenshot of Faheem’s online defense

During the online oral defense, Faheem reported his research work and results during his PhD years, and answered the questions about his research and dissertation asked by the committee members. In the end, the committee members discussed and unanimously passed Faheem. The oral defense was videotaped and recorded on paper.

“I was very happy when I got the good news that I had successfully passed my PhD thesis defense. I am very grateful for the school’s online defense policy for graduates during this special period. I sincerely thank my supervisors Prof. BAO Jianguo and Dr. DU Jiangkun for their guidance and support. I should also thank the teachers of the School of Environmental Studies and the International Education College for their help and care in my studies and life in CUG,”said Faheem.

With the completion of Faheem’s oral defense, the oral defenses of other international graduate students of CUG will start.

(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)

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