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​CUG Members Participate in 2020 Measurement of Height of Mount Everest

May 11, 2020  

The team of the 2020 measurement of the height of Mount Everest formed by survey members and mountaineers, which contained 12 CUG members, set out at the base camp of the world’s highest peak on the afternoon of May 6.

A group photo of some CUG members in front of Mount Everest on departure

The team started doing mountaineering and adaptive training from January 12 this year.

The new measurement,around the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Nepal, marks China-Nepal relations have enjoyed sustained, stable, and sound development since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1955, no matter how the international situation changes.

This year is also the 60th anniversary of the first successful climb to the top of Mount Everest on its northern slope as well the 45th anniversary of China’s first precise measurement of the height of Mount Everest.


(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)

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