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​Contingency COVID-19 Technological Research Project of Wuhan led by CUG launched

Mar 18, 2020  

“A study on the treatment of medical waste, sewage, and sludge & soil-groundwater impacts and their countermeasures during the epidemic”, a contingency COVID-19 research project of Wuhan led by CUG, was launched through a video meeting on February 15. The project leaders, WANG Yanxin, CUG President, REN Xianyou, Deputy Director of Wuhan Municipal Ecology and Environmental Bureau, and YUAN Xinhui, Director of the Department of Scientific Monitoring of Wuhan Municipal Ecology and Environmental Bureau, as well as over 30 people from the leading units and 7 participating units attended the video meeting.

REN Xianyou delivered a speech, emphasizing the significance of ecological and environmental safety in the epidemic prevention and control of Wuhan, and the protruding issues in the treatment and regulation of medical waste and sewage. He suggested that the project should focus on issues and needs, targets and tasks, and practical requirements. He also hoped that each unit could protect the ecological environment in a more scientific, solid, and effective way and yield time-efficient results.

MA Teng, Dean of the School of Environmental Studies of CUG, gave an account of the project background, technical route, content settings, task decomposition, organizational operations, and so on. Other speakers also talked about the content and operation of the project, expressing their full support of the project.

WANG Yanxin made a summary speech and announced the formal launch of the project, expressing thanks for the support of the participating units and putting forward five requirements for the implementation of the project: first, all members devote themselves to the project and regard it as an very important task; the second is to focus on the needs and highlight the key points, including information collection, ecological environment monitoring, ecological environment safety assessment, and detection methods of pathogenic microorganisms and secondary pollutants; third, the project proceeds steadily with work arrangements precise to the person and day of each working group; fourth, the achievements are presented in the ways of data, proposals, and reports; fifth, group daily report system, group weekly meeting system, and project conference system are set up for the project management, and members keep promoting the formation of an emergency prevention and control alliance of medical waste treatment and disposal of Wuhan.

(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)

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