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​Wishes from the World

Feb 17, 2020  

Recently, CUG has received many letters, e-mails, phone calls, and donations from partner universities abroad, through which those universities expressed their regards and support to the teachers and students who are fighting against the coronavirus .

On February 10, YANG Hong, Vice President of Bryant University and CUG alumni of Class of 1984 forwarded the letter from Mr. Machtley, President of Bryant University and an old friend of CUG, to WANG Yanxin, President of CUG, and LAI Xulong, Vice President of CUG. On behalf of Bryant University, Machtley expressed his regards to the teachers and students of CUG. In his letter, he said that Wuhan was a beautiful city where he had been closely connected and appreciated through many visits. Since the coronavirus outbreak, he learned many moving stories about medical personnel in Wuhan, and he was impressed by the construction of two specialized hospital finished in only a few days. He also cares about everyone at CUG every day. In the end, Machtley wrote, “Please convey my great respects and best regards to your colleagues at CUG, whose painful experience and sacrifice now will result in a better life in the near future. I will repeat what I expressed in Wuhan 7 years ago in commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of CUG: ‘Wo Ai Dida; Wo Ai Zhongguo! (I love CUG; I love China!)’ ”

Letter from President Machtley of Bryant University

President Hideo Ohno of Tohoku University wrote to President WANG Yanxin on February 12, expressing his sincerest solidarity on behalf of Tohoku University and his deepest respect for those at the forefront. He wrote, “At Tohoku University, we have been accepting exchange students from your university for a number of years, and I know that their worries about their hometown are incalculable. We wish to join them in praying that the people of China can overcome this difficult situation.” He also said they would provide us with as much support as they could at this time.

Vice-Chancellor Iain Martin of Deakin University wrote to HUANG Xiaomei, Secretary of Party Committee of CUG, and WANG Yanxin, President of CUG on February 7. In the letter, he regarded Wuhan as a key city for their China engagement and he was very sorry to hear of the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan. Deakin University values our bilateral relationship in academic and research collaboration, which has evolved to a key partnership for their global strategy. At this sad and difficult time, their thoughts and prayers are with us, and they are ready to provide any support we may require. In closing, he wrote, “We sincerely hope that everyone at China University of Geosciences will find the inner strength to get you through this sad and difficult time.”

Friends from Alfred University are thinking of us. President Mark Zupan admires the courage and resolution of Chinese people. He sent an e-mail to President WANG Yanxin and Vice President LAI Xulong to let us know that they were thinking of us and hoping the coronavirus outbreak is soon addressed. On behalf of the teachers and students at Alfred University, he wrote “Wuhan Strong! From your friends at Alfred University” on the greeting card to CUG, and this card has been sent to CUG with their second batch of donations.

The greeting card to CUG from President Mark Zupan of Alfred University

Medical supplies collected by Alfred University for CUG

President Mark Zupan also asked the Confucius Institute at Alfred University for the names and e-mail addresses of the teachers of the Confucius Institute, visiting scholars, and exchange students from CUG who had stayed at Alfred University, and he sent his greetings to everyone of their alumni from CUG.

Letter from President Mark Zupan to Alfred University alumni from CUG

Knowing that the situation of Wuhan is serious, the teachers and volunteers of the Confucius Institute at Alfred University have bought as many local medical supplies like surgical masks and gloves as they can and sent them to CUG. Up till now, Alfred University has donated three batches of medical supplies to CUG.

The Confucius Institute at Alfred University is collecting medical supplies for CUG

President Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht of TU Bergakademie Freiberg wrote a letter to CUG on January 31, saying “It is the Year of the Rat, a symbol of something new, of fresh strength and creativity. And with new power, it should be possible to defeat the coronavirus as well!”

Vice President Michael Gosz of Illinois Institute of Technology sent his letter of prayers and support to President WANG Yanxin and the teachers and students at CUG. He wrote, “Your dedication and perseverance are exemplary. Please know that your colleagues from Illinois Institute of Technology pay their sincerest respects to you. I hope and believe that all teachers, students and your family members will be able to overcome the present difficulties and that new solutions, opportunities, and chapters will soon open up in the New Year.”

On February 6, Plamen Legkostup, who is a Bulgarian painter, senior consultant of the Confucius Institute/Hanban Headquarters, former president of Veliko Turnovo University, and the Honorary Chair of the Board of Advisors of the Confucius Institute at Veliko Turnovo University, sent his new work named “Longevity for Chinese People” to CUG, expressing his best wishes to the Chinese people who are fighting against the epidemic.

“Longevity for Chinese People” by Plamen Legkostup

The Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the P.R. of China expressed sincere gratitude for the help and support CUG had given to CUG’s Vietnamese students since the outbreak of the epidemic in their letter to CUG. They are convinced that China will win the battle and make great contributions to the health of China and the world. Besides, the medical supplies donated by the Vietnam Red Cross Society to the Chinese government and people arrived in Wuhan on February 10.

The recent epidemic has aroused great concern at home and abroad. Foreign universities, academic institutions, and three Confucius Institutes encourage CUG’s fight against the epidemic in various ways. Many leaders and experts of foreign universities and academic institutions expressed their hope to help CUG at their best, including Prof. Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht, President of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Prof. Feridun Hamdullahpur, President of the University of Waterloo, Prof. Mark Zupan, President of Alfred University, Prof. Ronald Machtley, President of Bryant University, Associate Professor YANG Hong, Vice President of Bryant University, Prof. Luigi Dei, President of the University of the Florence, Prof. Michael Gosz, Vice President of Illinois Institute of Technology, Prof. WANG Jun, Vice President of the University of California, Riverside, Prof. Iain Martin, Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University, Dr. Susan Hubbard, Director of the Earth Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Dr. Ratchford, Director of the Idaho Geological Survey, Prof. Ashok J. Gadgil from the University of California, Berkeley, Prof. Martin O. Saar from the ETH Zurich, Prof. Javier Quirrell from the Spanish National Research Council, Dr. ZHANG Yan, China Director of the QS Intelligence Unit, and Prof. David Kreamer, Vice President of the International Association of Hydrogeologists and other international friends. In addition, ZHANG Chengning, Director of the North Texas Chinese Society, donated over 4,000 pieces of medical supplies to CUG.

CUG President WANG Yanxin extended his heartfelt gratitude to every partner university and friend who had helped, supported, and prayed for CUG through replies to their letters. In reply, he said that we would succeed in fight against the epidemic under the leadership of the central and local governments and with the help of friends from the world and all walks of life and the concerted efforts of CUG teachers and students.

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