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   Alumni Association
  A Group Headed by Leaders of CUG Went to See Alumni in Inner Mongolia and Expand Joint School-Running 2009-09-16  
  The website of Henan alumni sodality of CUG was set up 2009-03-25  
  Warm Congratulations to The Establishment of Henan Alumnus Sodality of CUG 2009-02-18  
  CUG Euramerican Student Association and Association of Students and Staffs Studying Aboard was set up 2007-12-07  
  The Initiation of Guangxi Alumni Association of AACUG 2007-12-05  
  The Second Session of the Council List of Alumni Association of China University of Geosciences 2007-11-15  
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  The Postgraduate Alumni of 84-Grade Donated to Alma Mater---CUG(Wuhan) 2012-10-29  
  Set personal example and inherit excellent virtue 2008-12-23  
  10 old alumnis' deep sentiment to Alma Mater 2008-12-11  
  General Engineer of Bird’s Nest came to CUG and presented a model of Bird’s Nest 2007-12-22  
  A special present from the coast of the Yellow Sea 2007-11-15  
  Shanxi Chamber of Commerce in Hubei set up a scholarship in CUG 2007-10-20  
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   Adminstrative Office
  Alumni Affairs Office 2004-11-08  
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   Honorary graduates
  Alumnus Hu Lianjun was Awarded the Highest Horror of UN—“Peace Medal” 2010-10-08  
  Outstanding Alumni Ma Yongsheng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2009-12-29  
  A letter of Congratulations to Alumnus Zhou Qi 2009-05-14  
  Outstanding Alumni Ma Yongsheng Came Back to alma mater 2008-12-04  
  Congratulations to an excellent CUG alumnus Huang Fangfang 2008-05-30  
  Alumna Dong Yuexia was awarded the title of China Top Ten Excellent Youths 2007-12-02  
  Flourishing Flowers Ⅱ was published 2007-11-18  
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   Alumni Events
  The CPC Hubei Provincial Standing Committee—Zhang Changer Visited Academician Zh Pic 2011-05-26  
  Zhao Pengda Winned the Distinguished Service Cross Awarded by Russian Academy of Pic 2011-05-25  
  Zhao Pengda Was Awarded the Honorary Life Member of International Association fo Pic 2011-05-25  
  Yellow River Mining Group Co., Ltd Donated “the Laboratory of Functional Carbon 2011-05-10  
  Sun Jinlong Had A Discussion with CUG Teachers and Students 2011-05-10  
  “Jinfan Scholarship” Awarding Ceremony was Held 2010-12-09  
  Alumnus Zhou Chongwen was Elected as “Pioneering Figure of 30 Years in Shenzhen 2010-10-22  
  92-Grade Alumni Hu Lianjun was Awarded “Peace Medal”by UN 2010-03-04  
  Prof. Mo Xuanxue, academician of Chinese Academy of Science, was Invited to Make 2010-01-12  
  Premier Wen and his teacher 2008-06-26  
  Our alumnus Zhou Dasheng donated 500,000 RMB o build an aseismatic Spring Bud Sc 2008-06-13  
  Our alumni Xu Youling won the National Labor Medal 2008-05-05  
  A large-scale Samples Park was built 2008-03-12  
  Zhao Pengda:a memorable Lantern Festival with Premier Wen 2008-03-05  
  General Engineer of Bird’s Nest made a report to CUG students and teachers 2007-12-22  
  Congratulations on Zhang Wenyue 2007-11-28  
  Vice-president Xing Xiangqin visit our alumnus Hu Ke 2007-11-14  
  Texas Branch of AACUG celebrated Yang Zunyi's brithday 2007-10-10  
  Former student of CUG Fang Xiaoyu is nominated Vice-governor of Hainan Province 2007-05-24  
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