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  From airport to CUG 2007-12-03  
  From railway station to CUG 2007-12-03  
  From bus station to CUG 2004-11-18  
  Digital maps of CUG 2004-02-17  
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  Hotel for visitors 2005-12-28  
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  Parking 2005-12-28  
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  Restanrant for visitors 2005-12-28  
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   Places of Interest
  Stone inscriptions & statue 2007-12-16  
  Nanwang Housing Estate in West Campus 2007-02-16  
  CUG Tunnel 2006-12-16  
  A triangular lake in North Campus 2006-12-16  
  A pavilion in North Campus 2005-12-16  
  Woods in West Campus 2005-12-16  
  Fossil Wood in East Campus 2005-12-16  
  Leisure Square in East Campus 2005-12-16  
  Red Army Bridge in the East Campus 2005-12-16  
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  Souvenirs 2006-08-17  
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