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  Affiliated School 2012-4-12  
  Student Affairs Department 2012-4-12  
  Party Affairs Office 2012-4-12  
  Organization Department of the Party Committee 2012-4-12  
  Publicity Department of the Party Committee 2012-4-12  
  Department of United Front of the Party Committee 2012-4-12  
  Science and Technology Administration Office 2012-4-12  
  Personnel Department 2012-4-12  
  Office of Discipline Inspection Commission 2012-4-12  
  Financial Affairs and Management Department 2012-4-12  
  Security Services Department (Ministry of Armed Forces) 2012-4-12  
  The Communist Youth League Committee of CUG (Wuhan) 2012-4-12  
  Student Union of CUG (Wuhan) 2012-4-12  
  CUG Employment Instruction Center 2012-4-12  
  Network and Education Technology Center 2012-4-12  
  Administrative Information Center 2012-4-12  
  Library 2012-4-12  
  The Museum of CUG 2012-4-12  
  Archives Repository 2012-4-12  
  Editorial Office of Earth Sciences 2012-4-12  
  Journal of CUG (Social Sciences Edition) 2012-4-12  
  CUG Press 2012-4-12  
  Logistics Group 2012-4-12  
  Facilities Management Office 2012-4-12  
  International Cooperation and Exchange Office 2012-4-12  
  Retired Personnel Affairs Office 2012-4-12  
  Labor Union 2012-4-12  
  Affiliated Hospital 2012-04-12  
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