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   Research Labs
     Field Research Base of Ministry of Education Key Lab of Biological and Environmental Geology is Established in Changxin 2009-09-10  
     One project was financed by the Youth Science and Technology Chenguang Plan 2008-04-05  
     Three experimental and teaching labs are named Hubei Provincial Experimental and Teaching Model Center 2007-12-28  
     Structure and Oil & Gas Resources Lab was listed in 2007 MOE Key Labs Project Construction 2007-12-27  
     OE Joint Research Center of Chinese Continent Tectonic Environment Monitoring Network 2007-07-09  
   Institutes & Centers
     Geological Experiment Teaching Center Was Approved the National Experimental Teching Demonstration Center 2012-09-16  
     CUG and National Marine Environment Monitoring Center Co-Establish “Marine Resources Economic Research Center” 2010-11-19  
     Establishment of Zhoukoudian and Beidaihe Geological Practice Stations 2008-09-11  
     CUG has three new post-doctoral working stations 2007-09-12  
     Research Institutes and Centers 2004-12-05  
     21 Scientific Research Projects were Subsidized by Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province 2009-12-04  
     A research result is published in the journal Science 2009-06-03  
     Two Projects were funded as Key Projects of S&T Research by Ministry of Education 2009-03-13  
     7 Social Science Achievements of CUG awarded by Wuhan Municiple Government 2009-03-06  
     Four scientific and technological achievements of CUG Won Hubei Science & Technology Progress Award 2009-02-20  
   Technology Transfer
     The Delegation of African Ambassadors to China Visited CUG 2008-09-25  
     An introduction to Technology Transfer 2007-11-30  
     CUG was ratified to establish Engineering Research Center of MOE for Nanophase … 2007-11-22  
     Research and Development 2004-12-05  
   Research Units
     "Postdoctoral Research Center of Geology" was Honored as "National Excellent Po… 2010-12-23  
     The organization of Department of Science and Technology 2007-11-30  
     Yangtze River Scholars 2007-11-14  
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