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   Clubs & Associations
  Green Association of CUG launched a Green Starting Point Activity 2008-04-22  
  Subordinate Organs of Student Union 2007-11-01  
  General situation of the Student Union of CUG 2007-11-01  
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   Student Activities
  CUG Received Good Results in the First College Physical Experiment Innovative De 2011-02-28  
  2010 Winter Running Competition in Memory of December 9th Campaign was Held 2010-12-16  
  2010 Opening Ceremony of MBA was Held 2010-09-17  
  Freshmen are on the Training 2010-09-10  
  2010 Freshmen-Welcoming Activity was a Complete Success 2010-09-10  
  An Oversea Student of CUG was on the Top 20 List in the Third “Mandarin Bridge” 2010-09-03  
  The 5th Anniversary Meeting of Cultivating National Defense Students was Held 2010-06-30  
  Fire Fighting and Evacuation Exercise was held in CUG 2010-06-18  
  The Seventh ACM Program Design Competition of CUG Came to a Complete Conclusion 2010-06-09  
  Geological Investigation Groups were Ready to Set Out 2010-06-09  
  The 94th Session of Economic and Management Forum— What is Happiness 2010-05-19  
  The Opening Ceremony & Evening Party of the First “Oriental and Occidental Cultu 2010-04-23  
  Students of School of Politics and Law back from 2010 AIMUN held in Beijing 2010-04-15  
  Hubei Daily Correspondents Gave a Special Training to CUG Correspondents 2010-04-07  
  The Launching of “My Third Eye” Social Observation Theme Education Activities 2010-04-01  
  2010 Women’s Day Celebration held by Graduate School of CUG was Rounded Off 2010-03-16  
  Zhang Junqing was Awarded as "Star of Self-reliance for College Students 2010-03-04  
  Li Shangjin Won the 1st Prize of "21st Century · Spark English Cup" English Spee 2009-12-17  
  Beichuan Middle School Expressed Gratitude to Kuang Xiaoyin and Class 161081 of 2009-11-24  
  CUG Provided Economically Underprivileged Students with Winter Clothing 2009-11-24  
  More than 100 Overseas Students Visited and Studied in Zigui and Three Gorges 2009-11-12  
  School of Foreign Languages Held the Sci-tech Papers Report Meeting 2009-11-10  
  2009 Autumn Sports Meeting was Held in CUG 2009-11-06  
  The Sixth University English Speech Contest Semi-final of Hubei Province was Hel 2009-10-27  
  Li Shangjing Won the Second Prize of “CCTV Cup” English Speech Competition in Hu 2009-10-22  
  Social Practice Report Meeting of Faculty of Economy and Management was Held 2009-10-15  
  Students of CUG Discussed Hotly about the Ceremony of the 60 Anniversary of the 2009-10-13  
  Love My China—Ethnic Groups Communication in CUG 2009-10-13  
  A Grand Singing Activity "Longevity of Motherland" was Held in CUG to Celebrate 2009-09-23  
  A Japanese Youth Group Visited CUG 2009-09-23  
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  Graduates' buildings 2007-09-15  
  Students' Buildings in the North Campus 2006-12-19  
  Students' living quarters in North Campus 2005-12-15  
  Students' living quarters in the West Campus 2005-12-15  
  A glance of students' dorm 2005-12-15  
  Our alumnus went to the dorm where he lived before to recall the old days 2005-03-15  
  Students' Buildings in the West Campus 2005-02-09  
  Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee Yu Zhengsheng came to see students 2004-03-15  
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  East Campus Services Center was inaugurated by President Zhang Jin’gao and Vice- 2007-02-15  
  Students Dinning Hall of North Campus 2005-12-19  
  No.1 Students dinning hall of West Campus 2005-12-15  
  No.2 Students dinning hall of West Campus 2004-02-19  
  No.3 Students dinning hall of West Campus 2004-02-18  
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   Campus Culture
  CUG (Wuhan) Hosted Large-scale Fossil Exhibition Activities 2011-04-06  
  Fire Drill was Held in North Campus 2010-12-09  
  The Blossom of Snow Lotus was Awarded “Excellent Play” of China Campus Drama Fes 2010-11-30  
  Director of Gynecological Department of Hubei Hospital of Women and Children Wan 2010-05-12  
  The second Ping Pong Group Competition for Chiefs of Divisions 2010-04-14  
  Psychologist Wang Dengfeng Attended the 11th "Zhendan Lecture" of CUG with a Rep 2009-11-17  
  Leaders of CUG Visited Freshmen in Their Dormitories 2009-09-10  
  The Skills on Writing dissertations in English are Imparted by Prof. Ge Yafei 2009-04-30  
  “Tetralogy”Cultural Sight Design Contest Will be Held 2008-12-09  
  CUG held a painting exhibition 2008-12-04  
  School of Politics and Law held a symposium on natural science 2008-12-02  
  The First CUG Exhibition was Held on Fossil and Popularization of Science and Te 2008-11-24  
  A Program of CUG was Awarded the Second Prize of Outstanding Achievements of Cam 2008-11-12  
  The Third Exhibition and Performance Activity on “Chemistry Show——Chemistry Surr 2008-11-02  
  Opening Ceremony of the 8th CUG Students’ Community Culture and Art Festival 2008-10-15  
  Sum-up meeting for management of the ninth campus area was held 2008-10-08  
  CUG Communist Youth League Committee launched Search for Deep Sensation Plan 2008-04-01  
  Students hung nests full of love 2007-12-19  
  2007 Finals of Campus New SHOW Competition 2007-12-11  
  The 13th CUG University Students Debating Competition drew its curtain on Decemb 2007-12-07  
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