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   Academic Conferences
  International Conference on Environmental Impact Assessment of Metal Ore Mining Smelting Projects was held 2012-10-19  
  The 5th National Symposium on Structural Geology & Geodynamics Was Held 2012-04-06  
  The 10th Symposium of Mathematical Geology and Geological Information Was Held 2011-11-29  
  Deputy Secretary of CUG Party Committee——Fu Anzhou Attended the International Conference on Marine Education 2011-10-28  
  The First International Conference on Microbial Ecological Toxicology Was Held 2011-06-05  
  International Conference on Student Affairs Administration Was Held 2011-06-04  
  2011 International Conference on Student Affairs Administration 2011-01-07  
  Seminar on Teaching of Postgraduate English in Universities of Hubei Province was Held in CUG 2010-11-19  
  2010 TANDEM Symposium on Deep Earth Mineralogy 2010-11-11  
  The Academic Symposium on Continental Seismogenesis and Macroseism Prediction was Held 2010-11-09  
  The 5th International Conference on Intelligent Calculation and its Application was Held 2010-10-27  
  2010 Chinese Gemological Academic Year & Jewelry Industry Development Summit 2010-10-22  
  Stratigraphic Architectures of Deepwater System and Global Analogues International Forum 2010-10-08  
  Notice on Helding "Academic Symposium on Origins of Continental Earthquake and Prediction of Stron Earthquakes"(No.1) 2010-07-13  
  International Geobiology Conference was Held 2010-06-09  
  The Ninth Wuhan International Conference on E-business was Held 2010-06-01  
  2010 Annual Workshop of Ore Deposits Models and Exploration was Held in CUG 2010-05-26  
  International Symposium on Multi-dimensional Continental Geodynamics was held in CUG 2010-05-25  
  The First Academic Symposium of Global Change Research Center 2010-05-06  
  CUG hosted 2010 Plenary Session of Earth Science Discipline Group of National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center 2010-05-04  
  Annual Workshop of Ore Deposits Models and Exploration, CUG 2010 2010-04-30  
  International Symposium on Intelligence Computation and Applications (22-24, October, 2010) 2010-04-30  
  International Workshop on Multiple-scale Geodynamics of Continental Interiors 2010-04-30  
  Symposium on the 12th Five-Year Plan of China Geographic Information Industry Alliance was Held 2009-12-17  
  Strategy Investigation Seminar on Basin Dynamics and Oil-gas Resources was Held 2009-12-04  
  Celebration Meeting of 50th Anniversary of Geological Society of Hubei and Academic Conference 2009-11-24  
  Notice 2 on 2009 Seminar on Basin Dynamics and Oil-gas Resources Strategy Investigation 2009-11-21  
  The Promotion of the Rise of Central China Forum & Special Forum of Resource Utilization and Environment Protection 2009-11-10  
  Representatives of CUG Attended Trenchless Technology & Pipelines International Conference (ICPTT) in Shanghai 2009-11-03  
  Academic Report of School of Mathematics and Physics 2009-10-29  
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   Academic Exchanges
  The Seminar of International Mineral Resources Cooperative Exploitation Was Held 2012-11-12  
  Academician of Chinese Academy of Science Ding Zhongli was invited to CUG 2010-12-23  
  The Safety Management Promotion Training Class of China Gezhouba Group Corporation was Held in CUG 2010-09-20  
  Professor Pinnaduwa H.S.W. Kulatilake of University of Arizona will deliver speeches in CUG 2010-06-18  
  Prof. Urszula Foryś Made an Academic Lecture in School of Mathematics and Physics of CUG 2010-05-28  
  The 26th Session of Chinese and Western Languages and Cultural Academic Lectures 2010-05-28  
  Professor Jozsef Toth of Canada was invited to CUG 2010-05-21  
  CUG Hosted Academic Exchange Activities of Chinese-Germany Year of Science and Education 2010-05-10  
  A Forum was Held by Faculty of Earth Sciences for an American Expert and Students in National Science Base 2009-09-14  
  Academic Lecture by Prof. Liao Meizhen from Central China Normal University 2009-04-22  
  Master Forum (2009-1): An Academic Report Made by Professor Tetsuo Irifune 2009-04-09  
  Yu Jijun and Zhangying were Both Awarded Excellent Teaching Plan of “Startalk Program” of Bryant University 2008-11-24  
  Prof. Li Yaoguo gave a lecture to the teachers and students of Institute of Geophysics and Geomatics 2008-06-26  
  Prof. Harry Green gave lectures in CUG 2008-06-02  
  Foundation of Mondlane University of Mozambique visited CUG 2008-01-17  
  Faculty of Earth Sciences and Confucius Institute of University of Memphis jointly held Cultural Geography Forum 2008-01-03  
  International animation & comic experts give lecturs in CUG 2007-11-11  
  Moscow University and CUG signed a memorandum for further cooperation. 2007-09-21  
  World renowned expert on animation gave an academic report in CUG 2007-06-28  
  CUG signed a memorandum with Geology Department of University of Moscow. 2007-05-23  
  President Zhang Jingao visits ELTE Pic 2006-05-29  
  Vietnam Ha Noi Mining &Technology University visits CUG Pic 2006-04-28  
  Internet classroom between Sino-US universities inaugurated Pic 2005-10-31  
  Two French officials addressed in CUG 2005-03-07  
  An Introduction to International Academic Exchanges 2004-12-05  
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   Key Disciplines
  Two Disciplines of CUG Rank the First Nationwide 2009-02-27  
  CUG has 15 Disciplines rated as Hubei Leading, Characteristic and Key Disciplines 2008-07-01  
  National Key Disciplines 2004-12-05  
  Provincial and Ministerial Key Disciplines 2004-12-05  
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  The Inauguration Ceremony of the State Key Laboratory of Biogeology and Environmental Geology Was Held 2012-03-23  
  The Meeting of CUG Sci-tech Work and Platform Construction Was Held 2012-03-23  
  “National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Geological Information System” Was Granted 2011-11-22  
  Biological and Environmental Geology Lab of CUG (Wuhan) was selected as Key Lab, Ministry of Education 2009-03-25  
  State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes and Mineral Resources (GPMR) passed the check and acceptance procedure of construction 2008-01-17  
  A research team was selected to be MOE 2007 Innovation Team 2007-11-11  
  Key Laboratories 2004-12-05  
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   Academic Institutes
  The Third Confucius Institute of CUG Was Granted 2012-03-30  
  Innovation & Practice Base for Graduate Students in Geosciences (oil &gas explor 2008-05-16  
  The Initiation of China-U.S Joint Center for Trenchless R&D 2007-10-12  
  Post-doctoral Working Stations 2004-12-05  
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   Project 211
  The Inspection and Acceptance Meeting of the Third Phase of Project 211 Was Held Pic 2012-03-30  
  Significant progress has been made in CUG 2007-09-07  
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