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  The Education Department of the Ministry of education undergraduate teaching evaluation experts meeting held in our CUG 2016-11-24  
  Geological Resources and Geological Engineering Degree Committee 2016-11-24  
  The first geological resource environment Summit Forum in our CUG 2016-11-24  
  ur CUG Surveying and Mapping Engineering passing the national engineering education professional site test 2016-11-24  
  Our Marine College officially inaugurated 2016-11-22  
  A further promotion of sharing the science and technology platform 2016-11-22  
  Our CUG held a degree authorization point of conformity assessment work mobilization 2016-11-22  
  Our CUG signed a cooperation agreement with the Institute of Advanced Science and Research in Spain, the University of Saragossa and the Aragon Institute of Materials 2016-11-22  
  Autumn Sports Meeting of our CUG in 2016 2016-10-31  
  Our CUG Professor Wu Yuanbao supported by the National Science Foundation for outstanding young people 2016-10-31  
  118 enterprises coming to our CUG for recruitment 2016-10-31  
  NiuDi won one silver and one bronze in the world’s climbing championship 2016-10-31  
  Pro. Timothy Kusky honored the “Bell Prize” 2016-10-31  
  Wuhan Deputy Mayor Shan Weimin investigating a survey in our CUG 2016-10-31  
  Our CUG—the first members of the NASPA among other universities 2016-10-31  
  The Opening Ceremony for the Graduates 2016-09-30  
  Our CUG Entrepreneur Team achieved two gold medals and three silver medals in the competition “Internet Plus” 2016-09-30  
  Yu Minhong making a public speech in CUG 2016-09-30  
  More tan 200 Overseas Students studying in Our CUG 2016-09-30  
  More than 100 experts at home and broad discussing the latest development of the geological fluid 2016-07-03  
  Graduation Ceremony: more than 6600 students successfully graduated 2016-07-03  
  Experts at home and abroad discussing the latest achievements about the moon and the deep space detection 2016-07-03  
  Our CUG Stuffs sing out The Voice of CUG 2016-07-03  
  Our CUG Independent Entrance Examination held on time 2016-06-15  
  Our CUG Badminton Team Winning the Mixed Team Championship of Chnese College Students 2016-06-15  
  Wang Jiansheng awarded the “National Afforestation Medal” 2016-06-01  
  The 9th Graduates Sports Meeting held in our CUG 2016-06-01  
  Tao Yingfa Wining the Second Prize of the Provincial Government for Contributing Ideas and Exerting Efforts 2016-05-24  
  The Announcement of the Results of Our CUG 12th “Ten Outstanding Young Persons” 2016-05-24  
  Coalition of the College Drama of Hubei Province founded in Our CUG 2016-05-17  
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