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Splendid National Culture Exhibition
Updated:2015-05-26 09:10:26 Author:Diana

(By correspondent Li Huai) In the afternoon of May 7, the sixth National Culture Exhibition and Show of CUG was held at the square in front of north campus complex building. A varity of the nations have exhibited their special food and delivered exciting performances.

After tasting the Mongolian milk tea, cheese, Uighur pilaf and local cake, the halal food of the Hui nationality, all the students were full of praise. Jin Liming, a Mongolian student, introduced that he and his partners have purchased the brick tea and milk from the Inner Mongolia online store to prepare the milk tea.Except for the special food, students from different minorities, such as Tibetan nationality, the Hui nationality, Uyghur nationality, Mongolian, Kazak nationality, Manchu, the Bouyei nationality, the Miao nationality, Khalkhas, Tujia and the Yi nationality, delivered excellent performances, like group dancing, singing and fashion show, which embodied their national characteristics and won full praise. 

Ba Yindala, from Wuhan University, has performed Khoomei during the show and also has done aso in many other schools. This time he he and his mates have only rehearsed for one hour in advance. “ the majority of the performances were about singing and dancing, this time I’d like to present another kind of show to attract more audiences.”Ba Yindala said.

It was learned that the national culture exhibition was organized by the training class of backbone national students, and the student participants were from 43 minority groups in China. 

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