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[The Star of Innovation and Entrepreneurship] Ding Yuewei,It Is an Opportunity As Well As a Challenge
Updated:2015-04-06 20:48:58 Author:Diana

(Correspondents Gao Yuxin, Cui Ziyang and Hu Jianglin, photographer Wang Yiru) Ding Yuewei, a senior student from School of Automation,CUG, established a jewelry startup team in June 2013. This team registered a WeChat ID named “Zhu xian sheng and Bao xiao jie” which was their platform on which they traded jewelry. Till now, this team has developed much more mature and on December 25 last year, they owned a jewelry store in Jewelry Trading Center of Jewelry Valley, that was Cheng Shi Workshop.

Honesty is the basis of establishing a business

At the beginning of establishing a business, Ding Yue wei focused on the jewelry customization. He said “The reason why I chose jewelry business was that we can profit a lot from it.”Then he allied with his partners to set up a workshop.In Cheng Shi workshop, most of the jewelry designed according to Chinese style and the majority of the consumers are young people under the age of 40, including white-collar workers, students. Therefore, the price of their product is not very high, the majority is less than 2000 yuan.
As for the name of this workshop, “Cheng” means honesty and trust, which is the basis of establishing a business. As a businessman, if he would like to be trusted by the customers, being honest in the first principle.

Working for communities is an important way to gather experience for establishing business

Ding Yuewei was not only the founder of the workshop, he was also the 26th Chairman of the College Students’ Press Corps in CUG. He was also the minister of photography. Photography was one of Ding’s hobby. The days when he worked in the College Students’ Press Corps helped him professionalize photography, at the same time, it was also a good chance for him to improve his communicating skills. “When I was in the College Students’ Press Corps, I always connected with different students and teachers. So when I started my business, I had little trouble to communicate with investors and customers.”

Establishing a business, one should have the courage to shoulder the pressure

Ding’s team involved 4 people and they took charge of design procurement, marketing and network marketing. As the leader of this group, Ding was involved in every part of the group’s work, including the management of the workshop and doing some cleaning in the workshop. “Sometimes I was stressed out and very tired. But pressure is one of the parts in our daily life. If we dare to face it, we have the chance of being successful.”Ding said.

From the online shop to the store,Ding Yuewei’s jewelry dream has been realized at the first step.With his diligence and never-give-up faith, he will lead his group to achieve a lot.

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