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CUG Held Symposium on the Construction of International Universities Consortium in Earth Science
Updated:2013-11-04 23:09:06 Author:

(Correspondents Sun Lailin and Du Haikun) On the afternoon of October 29th, CUG held the Special Seminar on Promoting the Construction of International Universities Consortium in Earth Science (IUCES). CUG President Wang Yanxin, deputy Secretary of Party Committee Fu Anzhou, vice President La Xulong, Hao Fang and Wang Hua, and the main officers of part of functional departments and institutes, as well as more than 30 teacher representatives, attended the meeting.

Hao Fang presided over the meeting.

Ma Changqian, director of CUG International Cooperation Office, made special report. Around the theme of how to make “International Universities Consortium in Earth Science” in practice, he introduced the prophase work and provided some concrete suggestions on formulating CUG implement scheme of promoting the construction of International Universities Consortium in Earth Science. 

Representatives made speeches respectively, in which they gave their opinions and suggestions and expressed that CUG, based on the consortium construction, should drive on the policy of education internationalization. They all thought that CUG should make overall plan in financing aid from different ways and on the basis of constructing and improving the international mechanism, especially based on project, promote the consortium run normally.

Fu Anzhou gave a speech. He represented that CUG would emancipate the mind further, fix on constructing long-range working system for the consortium operation, arouse teachers and institutes enthusiasm, and evaluate every unit relying on its education internationalization indexes.

La Xulong required that facing with the increasingly fierce international competition, CUG should keep its high responsibility sense and urgency consciousness, develop the demonstration effect of consortium construction, and constantly improve CUG international level in constructing teaching staff, talents training, scientific research and laboratory.

Wang Yanxin made a summary speech. He pointed out that as the consortium construction was the engine for CUG in pushing on the development of education internationalization, CUG should with high attention and responsibility do the consortium’s daily work well.  Meanwhile, the related departments should thoroughly study China policy in developing education internationalization to make full use of national and social sources and make contribution for CUG education internationalization. He stressed that by developing education internationalization, CUG should try hard to study for the high level university, especially their ideal of running school, focus on foreign language teaching, and improve the teaching level of foreign language comprehensively.

Hao Fang required that in accordance with the conferencing deployment, every unit should start the research work as soon as possible, establish implementing scheme for every task and strive to exchange the development of every project at the end of November for laying a solid foundation for the final implementation.

The meeting aimed to establish and improve CUG institutional system and working mechanism for constructing the consortium, promote the cooperation and exchanges between CUG and the alliance schools in realizing undergraduate exchange training, jointly training graduate students, faculty exchanges and scientific research, and enhance CUG education internationalization level and overall competitiveness.

International Universities Consortium in Earth Science (IUCES) is sponsored by CUG, established at CUG International Cooperation Office on November 6th 2012, which aims at strengthening exchanges and cooperation between international high level universities and institutions in the field of earth science. The consortium includes Universities of Hong Kong, University of Karlsruhe (Germany), Stanford University (United States), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (United States), Macquarie University (Australia) and other 10 universities.

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