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The Development and Application of Large-scale Remote Sensing Won 2013 Surveying and Mapping Technology Progress Award
Updated:2013-10-09 10:30:36 Author:Beth

(Correspondent Dong Ping) Recently, it was released by the China Institute of Surveying that the development and application of large-scale remote sensing of a integrated service platform conducted by Zondy Cyber won the second prize 2013 Surveying and Mapping Technology Progress Award.

With the development of the economy and society, the application of remote sensing technology was deepening and broadening. However, traditional remote sensing data processing, it was difficult to meet the demands of existing industry. "Large-scale remote sensing integrated service platform development and application" project was to solve current business applications of remote sensing problems, which was based on the national "863" project of special satellite industry and reform commission. According to different types of business needs, remote sensing application was to meet the different needs of different areas of the business applications of remote sensing industries.

The development and application of key technologies research had made outstanding achievements, which achieved the remote sensing and business model innovation, algorithms, business model innovation of application development and many other innovations. In April 2012, "large-scale remote sensing development and application of integrated service platform" had reached the international advanced level. In December,2012, it  was highly praised by the Ministry of Science

The large remote sensing integrated service platform planed by Zondy Cyber created huge social and economic benefits, promoted more than 5,000 new jobs, direct and indirect economic benefits of a total of nearly 3.5 billion RMB. It provided distinctive business solutions for the land, agriculture, forestry and meteorology and other fields. Research and development platform greatly facilitated the development of national remote sensing software and had a very important strategic significance.



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