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CUG Held the Mountaineering Seminar of National Students
Updated:2013-05-27 10:32:24 Author:candy

(Correspondents Chen Huajian, Ge Xiaoqi, Panqi) On May 19th, CUG held the mountaineering seminar of national students as making the first anniversary of Everest climbing. Many leaders attended the meeting, including CUG leaders Hao Xiang, Wang Yanxin, Fu Anzhou and Lan Xvlong, Li Zhixin, the vice president of Chinese Mountaineering Association, Zhang Yanjun, deputy secretary of Federation of University Sports of China,  Ci Luo, vice captain of the national climbing team and the representatives of other Universities’ climbing teams and enterprises.

CUG vice president La Xulong presided over the meeting.

President Wang Yanxin made the welcome speech. He said that connecting with the mountains and depending on the mountaineering, geological work interlinked with mountaineering physically and mentally. In the history of Chinese Mountaineering, CUG teachers, students and alumni had left their footprint immortally. He hoped that CUG persons could scale new heights and using own struggle to realize CUG dream of constructing a world-class university in the earth science field and make greater contribution for promoting the harmonious development between human being and nature.

Li Zhixin gave a speech. He emphasized that college students were the cornerstone of the development of mountaineering and the best power for realizing Chinese dream. He admitted that personnel training and experience accumulation contributed to the success of reaching the peak of Everest for CUG. And he suggested that when climbing, college students should follow the mountaineering law.

Relaying on the mountaineering experience, Zhang Yanjun encouraged CUG students to study hard, struggle hard and dare to have dream, pursuit dream, and realize dream.

Xue Xiwen, representative of universities mountaineering group and a Eagle Club member of  Peking University, introduced the development status of Eagle Club since its establishment and shared their mountaineering experience.

On behalf of CUG mountaineering team, Chen Chen, the first female students to reach the Everest, made a speech. She recalled her own experience of Everest and expressed that as a contemporary student, she would not live up to the party and the state, and would make her modest contribution for the realizing of Chinese dream.

Dong Fan, director of CUG Physical Education department, introduced the mountaineering plans in the future. He said that in the next three to four years, CUG mountaineering team would complete the climbing of the highest peaks of the seven continents, as well as polar pole climbing, so that more people could understand mountain, participate mountaineering and make the mountaineering spirit heritage from generation to generation.

CUG Party Secretary Hao Xiang gave a speech. He said, mountaineering was the glorious tradition of CUG, so CUG staff should learn from the climbers to strive for the CUG dream.

At the meeting, Dong Van and Han Qili, deputy general manager of Red Penguin Outdoor Sports Goods Co., Ltd., on behalf of two sides signed a funding agreement.

From Peking University, Xiamen University, Zhongshan University and other colleges and universities, more than 19 outdoor sports associations exchanged their experience and difficulties in developing mountaineering and association.

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