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Teaching and Living Conditions
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China University of Geosciences(CUG), founded in 1952,is one of the research center and talent training base of Earth Sciences, Resources and Environment in China. It has formed a complete and optimized multidisciplinary system with characteristic of Earth Science, including disciplines of science, engineering, literature, management, economics, law, pedagogy, and philosophy. This University has integrated training system of undergraduate, master, and doctor, post-doctorate. CUG owns a set of national and provincial level key laboratories and engineering centers, and a national Earth science talent training base as well as an engineering talent training base of the Ministry of Land and Resources. Two academic teams in CUG won the national Science Fund for Creative Research Group. The faculty members of CUG totals about 1,300, among them 9 are Academicians of Chinese Academy of Science. At present, the enrollment in CUG totals more than 20,000 students, including more than 16,000 undergraduate students, 4,000 graduate students and 200 international students. CUG has completed teaching facilities, advanced research equipment, rich library and museum collections, convenient transportation and beautiful campus. It is national key comprehensive university with the emphasis of Earth Science.

China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) opens its door to the whole world and welcomes you to study or exchange academic knowledge at the university.

Programmers for Bachelor Degree (4years)




Management of Resources and Environment and Planning in Urban and Rural

Petroleum Engineering

Coal exploration engineering

Exploration Engineering of Mineral Resources

Marine Science

Management of Land Resources

Prospecting Technology and Engineering

Civil Engineering

Safety Engineering

Surveying Engineering

Environment Engineering

Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering

Mechanic design and automation

Industry design

Measurement Technology and Instrument

Electronic Information Engineering

Telecommunication engineeringProgram taught in English



Geophysics information sciences and technology

Computer sciences and technology

Internet engineering

Information safety

Remote sensing sciences

Geology information system

Software engineering

Measurement engineering

Applied chemistry

Material chemistry

Material sciences and engineering

Mathematics and applied mathematics

Information and calculating sciences

Corporate managementProgram taught in English



Tourism management

Information sciences and information management

Financial management

Engineering management

Administration Management

Public management


International economy and trading


Biology sciences



Social Physical Education

Broadcasting television media

Gemology and material crafts

Art design


Programmers for master Degree (2-3years)

Political Economy

History of Economic Thought

History of Economic

Western Economics

World Economics Population

Resources and Environmental

National Economics

Regional Economics

Public Finance (including Taxation)

Finance (including Insurance)

Industrial Economics

International Trade

Labor Economics


Quantitative Economics

National Defense Economics

Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

Science of Environment and Natural Resources Protection LawProgram taught in English

Higher Education

Applied Psychology


Artistic Design

Computational Mathematics,Applied Mathematics


Inorganic Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry (including Chemical Physics)

Chemistry and Physics of Polymers

Physical Geography

Human Geography

Cartography and Geography Information SystemProgram taught in English

Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment

Marine Chemistry

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

History of Science and Technology

Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

Electronic Mechanic EngineeringProgram taught in English

Mechanical Design and Theory

Vehicle Engineering

Materials Physics and Chemistry


Materials Processing Engineering

Communication and Information SystemsProgram taught in English

Signal and Information Processing

Control Theory and Control Engineering

Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

Computer Systems Organization

Computer Software and Theory

Computer Applied Technology

Geotechnical EngineeringProgram taught in English

Structural Engineering

Municipal Engineering

Heating, Gas Supply

Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering

Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering

Bridge and Tunnel engineeringProgram taught in English

Hydrology and Water Resources

Hydraulic Structure Engineering

Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering

Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering

Surveying and Mapping

Geodesy and Survey Engineering

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Applied Chemistry

Oil-Gas Well EngineeringProgram taught in English

Petroleum engineeringProgram taught in English


Corporate ManagementProgram taught in English

Tourist Management

Technology Economy and Management

Administration Management

Social Medicine and Health Management

Educational Economy and Management

Social Security

Environmental engineeringProgram taught in English

Programmers for PhD degree (3-5years)/ Senior Scholar (1 Year):

Marine Geology

Solid Earth Physics, Space Physics



Mineral Deposit Geology

GeochemistryProgram taught in English

Paleontology and Stratigraphy(including Paleoanthropology)

Structural Geology, Quaternary Geology


Rock and Mineral Materials


Planetary Geology and Chemistry

Geotechnical Engineering

Hydrology and Water Resources

Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering

Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration

Geo-detection and Information TechnologyProgram taught in English

Geological EngineeringProgram taught in English

Geosciences Information Engineering

Groundwater Science and Engineering

Underground Engineering

Exploitation of Nontraditional Mineral Resources

Resources Industrial Economy

Geophysical Engineering

Petroleum Geology and Engineering

Resources Management Engineering

Safety Engineering

Environmental & Engineering Geophysics

Remote Sensing of Resource and Environment

Drilling Engineering

Geology environment and engineering

Safety Technology and Engineering

Oil-Gas Well EngineeringProgram taught in English

Environmental ScienceProgram taught in English

Environmental EngineeringProgram taught in English

Management Science and EngineeringProgram taught in English

Land Resource ManagementProgram taught in English

Note: The specialties marked with a “※” can be conducted in English with a prerequisite of a minimum number of ( 15 ) students for Master’s degree and ( 15 ) for PhD degree studies.


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