Three Gorges Research Center for Geo-hazard.Ministry of Education (TGRC)
Three Gorges Research Center for Geo-hazard.Ministry of Education (TGRC)



The TGRC is a comprehensive open platform directly 1ed by the Ministry of Education with the main research area of geo-hazardswhich was built by the principle organizationChina University of Geosciences Wuhan The principal parts of TGRC are comprised of the Badong large field comprehensive testing station for geo—hazard in Three Gorges Reservoir, the Zigui field comprehensive testing stationa field comprehensive station for both teaching and research consisting of six research directions and a versatile geo—hazard information platform.


The main research concerns Of TGRC are as

(1)regional earth science background of geo-hazards

(2)the interaction between geo-hazards and prevention engineering

(3)the evolution and protection of the geological environment

(4)the study of information technology of geological disaster prevention

(5)the triggering effect of international action between water and rock(soil)to geo-hazards

(6) the study of the risk assessment system.

Chinese National Engineering Research Center for Geographic Information System(NERCGIS)


NERC GIS is committed to the construction of a leading domestic and international advanced GIS technology innovation platform and the research and development of world-leadingindependentgeographic information system supporting softwareso as to set up our national GIS technology innovation baseopen service base and industrial base. It aims to create a positive engineering development cycle center, and promote the China geographic information industry by leaps and bounds.

  Key technology of Chinese National Engineering Research Center for GISgeographic information system architecture technology, spatio-temporal data management technology, spatio-temporal analysis and simulation technology, etc.


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